Need help with experimental DNA gramplet

Hi Y’all. I’ve been absent for some time and I seem to have missed a lot, so this is catch.up for me. Please excuse if this has already been answered.

First, I think the move to Discourse is great and I’m trying to set up a similar discussion group for my own genealogy surname group.

But my current issue is that I have successfully (at least without error) installed the experimental DNA gramplet:

I have created a new experimental DNA gramplet. You can install it manually for v5.1 by copying the DNA directory here into your plugins folder.

All looks good but I don’t see how to enter the atDNA segment data.The gramplet window is blank and I see nothing in Attributes or Associations. What did I do wrong?

@sturdy2 You need do make an association called DNA and attach a note with comma separated values for the matching data.

One line in the note has following values:

  • chromosome
  • start position
  • end position
  • paternal or maternal side (unknown / both are currently misssing)
  • centimorgans

Example for one line:

I’ll look again at this shortly.