List source citations, never includes date

Why is it, that in a list of source citations the date is never shown?
I always fill in the date a document is created, and it would be great to be able to sort on that date.

Eugene Dubois

GRAMPS: 5.1.5
Python: 3.8.10 (default, Jun 22 2022, 20:18:18) …
BSDDB: 6.2.7 (5, 3, 28)
sqlite: 3.31.1 (2.6.0)
OS: Linux
Distribution: 5.15.0-53-generic

If you are referring to the Citations gramplet, there’s a fix for that:


Yes, that is a lot better… I can see it has already been added to the upcoming 5.2 release.
But, I would like to be able to sort on date, independent from the source.
The current version sorts first sources and then date. But date is most important to me. To see all that I have found, in the correct order. For some people I have 20 or more citations. (some citations in the same source)
The order of dates is most important then.

In that case, you can hack the order of columns in the table. The 1st column is the automatic sort column.

(You can just click the Date column header to sort on that criteria for an individual instance.)