Linking two citations?

Is there a way to link two citations, such that if I am looking at one citation, I am reminded of and can access the other citation.

If I am looking at a citation, I can see the events and people and places connected with that citation (under References), and can usually click on that item under References to open it. I can see the Notes connected with that citation.

I have a citation for some 1830s diaries, that were transcribed by a local GP, which are a very useful historical resource.
I now have a biography for the local GP, which is a freestanding item in its own right, and needs its own citation.

I would like to be able to link the GP’s biography (citation) with the 1830s diaries (citation).

I can’t think of a way to make a direct link between citations. I could perhaps do it via a third object, e.g. create a Person entry for the GP, and link the Person entry to both citations. However, the GP is not a family member or relation (so I don’t really want to add him as a Person into the database: OK, so maybe I’m being fussy, but I’d like to have only family members/relations in my database), and that link is not direct citation to citation.

The question is therefore: is there a way to make a direct link between two citations.

I’m thinking probably not, but thought I’d put the idea out there to see if anyone had any suggestions.


GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Not directly, but you can add a note, which allows linking to all kind of gramps objects, but keep in mind that links in notes aren’t updated if you e.g. delete those objects.
Wiki - Link Editor

Another way could be the use a custom attribute, where the ID of the other citation is added as the value.

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How about making the GP a repository (with a Repository Note - “about the author” & their work in Transcription) and adding all diaries as Sources in that repository?

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