Farewell for now

@PeterPower and @codefarmer

Thank you dearly for the kind thoughts and offers. The Gramps community has become another family I cherish.

On a positive note, if the hasty real estate closing occurs on schedule Wednesday, I should be be able to stumble through this crisis without inconveniencing anyone else financially. You need not collect any actual monies towards my relief. (Although I will surely come begging for Linux setup help and laptop shopping advice.)

It will take a some time to reset a household though. And, as I informed Nick just before my personal emergency, the exhaustion of my reserves meant a hiatus for daily support on the Gramps forum was imminent regardless.

IT contract work with my local small business customers dried up during the pandemic… so I have to change tracks. That meant having to jumpstart my career. Unexpected events just pushed toward doing that so much differently than planned. Even with the likelihood insurance will pay next to nothing, selling might actually mean financial options will open for a gentler transition on the career side… at the expense of a home, peace of mind, a lot of sleep, and a lifetime of possessions. I hope to be happier without the weight of so many material things.

Although somewhat older, I am reminded of my father’s life. He had to start over in his 50s when the mid-west US rust belt economy ultimately collapsed. After 6 generations in our home town, he had to pull up stakes and move a thousand miles south. Privately to Mom, he voiced his deep distress that he hadn’t provided her a stable life by that age.

But that crisis lead to him creating a happier and more prosperous life for our family. I would be proud to follow his pattern.


Patrick and @pcl ,

Thanks so much for the hardware and OS guidance and generosity offered. Considering how things are proceeding, I’m probably 30-60 days from having the time (and a clear enough head to focus) on a self-build configuration or even spec’ing out the configuration. Starting earlier would likely mean making a proper mess of it.

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