EHR Integration

I’m new here and just checking things out.
Has anyone looked into EHR (Electronic Health Record) or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) integration with Gramps?
Our use case is cardiologists who want an accessible and logical family pedigree that our EMR product cannot create. Ideally, the source data resides within the EMR, and can be shared with Gramps as a seperate/standalone database that assists in the visual creation of the family chart.

The normal interoperability framework we use for this would be FHIR or HL7, but I don’t see any mention of that when searching the forum. XML would work as a backup integration.
Has this been explored before?

Yes, but not exactly what you request. See the following feature request and possibly raise your own.

Also see the feature request attached to those feature request…

While it has been discussed occassionally, no one has contributed an add-on or published a fork for integrating medical data.

Gramps does support custom attributes without programming. But getting structured data in (and searchable) is only the 1st step. As you point out, we would need the diagrams for inclusion in paper charts (the medical office kind) and explaining probabilities to patients

There’s a superficial overview of taking a family history for those who might be unfamiliar with the objectives.

Are these frameworks available for free to the general public to use?

The FHIR standard is freely available and there’s a HL7 FHIR Foundation promoting it.

But the ‘gotcha’ is that the software (with which anyone would want to test the data exchange) is prohibitively expensive. So developers on our side would be flying blind.

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