Documentation - advisory/warning

This regards the http 500 error I encountered when attempting https access for the first time on a test system. The error is “normal” when a the “default” certificate is installed.

That was not confirmed until, after much anguish, I ventured into looking at configuration files for nginx-proxy.

From my view point, as essentially a “know nothing” that needs to be made clear as do some other fundamental issues setting up docker for let’s encrypt.

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It’s in the screenshot: Please see the acme-companion docs for how to set up your domain. There are plenty of ways to get this wrong and you mentioned one of it.

Perhaps we should highlight that statement more. We could also recommend users to try out an “acme-companion + hello world” compose file first so they don’t confuse SSL setup issues with Gramps Web issues.

Honestly, I do not see a statement about a 500 error or failure with the default certificate. Perhaps that is implied to those more familiar, or, I am just getting less sharp as time goes on.

During my initial setup and experimentation, I did not want to have the system internet exposed and allow attempts to generate a certificate, fail or succeed, only to have to clean that up later. If there is a way to disable the acme stuff I did not see it. Perhaps it is only a matter of commenting out that part in docker-compose.yml, but in the early stage I did not dare atttempt too much hacking.

If you wanted to test locally and not expose it to the internet, there is no point in setting up the acme-companion. It makes no sense at all. It’s stated here that this is a setup for serving over the public internet. If you do that without setting up a domain and allowing the certificate registration to succeed, it will fail.

That is clear. Now. But as someone venturing into this for the first time, being retired from active IT involvement for some years, nothing was near to being obvious or “second nature”.

Sorry if this has been an annoyance to you and everyone.

No, I admire your perseverance and the feedback is valuable, I just sometimes sound rude as I’m typing in between other activities.

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