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Hi all
I’m a new Italian user :smile:
I started inserting in the application all my work done in many years and so far assembled using an excel table.
I’ve been able to reassemble data from the past back to the end of the fifteenth century! When America was discovered :nerd_face:
How many generations and how many people at the same time does Gramps give the possibility to visualise?
I’ve got some thousands people!
Is there the possibility to export data to MS Access?
Thanks in advance.

You could try to directly read data from sqlite db (use a copy of you gramps db!) into ms access using an ODBC connector.

I don’t try but these web pages tells what to do:

It seems paying tools exists to do it too. You can google “sqlite to ms access” to find them.

Merci Patrice !!!

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A note before you try converting to MS Access; The way Gramps stores data in the SQLite db is not easy to use, most data ends up in blobs that are difficult to decode. Another way that is more transparent is to use the SQLite export addon. This stores the data in a very different way (Gramps cannot use it directly). But it can be more easily understood.

There is a matching SQLite import addon, that SHOULD be able to read the db data in the format exported. These addons are rarely used and may not be fully debugged. So I would not depend on the import for any critical data. You can probably run some tests and use the “database differences” report to see if the addons are transparent for your data, being careful to keep a backup of your tree, just in case.

If you were planning to make changes to your data outside of Gramps, you will have a lot of work to understand how the data interacts with itself; I personally would not try it.


Thank you for the detailed, although not favourable, response

With a little work in MS Access, you can import the Gramps XML, but Microsoft do not support the DTD document type definition, so you either need to do some “coding” in Access or you need to convert it to something else…

I have also imported the json into both Excel and Access, but you will need to add some brackets in the json file, else you will get som errors…

Gramps also export and import csv, but there are som limitiations for what data you can import/export…

If you can some VBA, it is not difficult to write VBA to both read and write json from/to Excel and Access… there are multiple youtube videos that explain how to, and the json or xml format is downloadable from the Gramps wiki…

Another thing you could do is to use the experimental mongodb backend and create a mongodb connection from Access… You will need to make some mappings between mongodb document values and sql tables and culumns… but its possible…

But there are no easy way to import/export all your data to/from Access…

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