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Gramps Version 5.1 Windows 10
I am just new to GRAMPS. I have just got used to adding People & Relationships. I am having so much confusion working with dates here in UK. Is there a way to have a format (dd mmm yyyy). It would make life so much easier.

Hi Derek and welcome,

You can go into Preferences - Display - Date Format and change it there. Then you need to restart Gramps before it takes effect.

Regardless of the display format that you choose, I think you can always enter dates as yyyy-mm-dd (using numbers only), but not as mm-dd-yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy; for those, you have to spell out the month name or abbreviation. At least, that’s been my experience.

for terminology purposes, that is the ISO format. computer programmers use it for date columns in text-like files such as CSV because it can be used for a sort key.

If you want to be even quicker, especially with a keypad, you can also omit the hyphens in the year-first format: 19940316 for March 16, 1994. Just don’t forget the leading zeroes on month and day.

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Thanks for all the help/ suggestions made. I just found out last night that after setting my preference and reloading programme, that if I invoked the date editor and entered my date in the left hand side as YEAR, MONTH,DAY.and selecting ok - the date was the way that I wanted. Happy days. :grinning: :grinning:

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