Custom CSS stylesheet location

Hi all
I am looking at tweaking one of the built in sylesheets, but can’t see where it should go so that I can select it in the html option tab from the stylesheet dropdown when creating a new narrated website report.

  1. The wiki suggests you create a new one in a new css folder:
    “copy one of the existing stylesheet in $HOME/.gramps/css/ . This directory doesn’t exist. You must create it before copying your future stylesheet”
    I tried creating that folder and adding a renamed copy of an existing css, but I don’t see it in the dropdown list.

  2. The wiki also suggests that it goes into a css folder in the plugsin folder:
    “Please place the css file in your plugins css directory and select it from the reports Stylesheet option found on the [Html options] tab.”
    I created a css folder in plugins, and placed a copied css stylesheet into it but but that did not seem to work either.

I closed and restarted Gramps each time, in case it needed to pickup the location, but no luck. Is there another place for a custom stylesheet? I am using Windows 10, GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1.


Hi John

You are on Windows so the folder will be with your user files.


In Windows, the AppData will be hidden by default.

To have it work, make sure that the css file has a unique name different than the default Gramps options.

Once the file is in the folder, you will need to relaunch Gramps for it to be seen

Thanks DaveSch,

That worked, I can see my new css file in the dropdown.

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