Combined View Timeline Buttons - Use Suggestion

I add images to event citations as proof of the event, such as a baptism certificate image which proves the date and place of the baptism.

I have asked Nick Hall to add these images to the Combined View Album tab but would like to suggest that the Timeline buttons, which currently have no specific function, could indicate the presents of an image attached to an event, by a change of colour or shade. Selecting the button, with the mouse would then provide a list of the images associated with that event allowing them to be selected and displayed in the default image viewer.

I don’t know if it is possible but it would be a use for the timeline buttons.

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If would be interesting if the timeline circle inherited the dominant Tag color. If there was a facility to associate an icon with an event Type… or a specific event.

The Google map marker project was interesting. It is discontinued but its discussion points towards the newer approaches.

That would have some enhancement implications for plotting the points on maps.