Accelerated testing for CSV import patch?

Can a few people pound on a PR proposed by Doug Blank @dsblank to extend the capabilities of the core CSV import?

It was created in response to limitations noted in the “Tagging records for deletion via CSV import” response in the “How can people be deleted according to a list?” thread.

See PR 1629: Update and fix CSV import

The Pull Request 1629 complements existing 5.2 enhancements to CSV import. Adding support for Tag and Note import could drive some more users to try it. (Which would lead to a more features requested for 5.3)

Current 5.2 features:

  • Add possibility to select the (delimiter) dialect of CSV export. PR#1314
  • Improve CSV import to allow places that are not in enclosed order. PR#942 Fixes #11407

Doug thinks that he can add “Citation” to the CSV importer for 5.3 enhancements. That would extend the current “Source” import support.

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Nick Hall merged 1 commit into maintenance/gramps52 from dsb/update-and-fix-csv-import on 8 Feb 2024