What causes add-on filter rules to be listed more than once?

(Gramps 5.1.4-2 on Mac)

I’ve often noticed that add-on filter rules appear multiple times in the filter editor. What causes this? How can I avoid it or fix it?


Could be multiple folders with different addon versions of the filter rules? Maybe caused by manual installation?

I just restarted Gramps and now I see only three instead of five. But I have only one file “matrilinealprogenitrix.gpr.py” anywhere on my computer.

You could use the built-in Plugin Manager or the Plugin Manager Enhanced addon to seach for the addon/files. Do they also show duplicate entries? The Info button shows the filepath and addon version.

It shows only one entry in the plugin manager for that particular example.

For another one, which currently shows up six times in the filter editor, there are two entries in the plugin manager, and the info for both is the same (same release, same folder, same filename).

I guess I can just delete and reinstall them, but I’m curious to learn how it happened so that I can avoid it in the future.

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