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GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2, Windows 10

When I run the Tools > Utilities > Not Related and the response is that I do not have any people in the database that are not related to the “Primary Person”. However if I highlight several people in the database and then do Tools > Utilities > Relationship Calculator it states that the “Primary Person” is not related to the person selected. I know that the Web Site does not show some of the relationships but why do the 2 options in Tools > Utilities differ and is there a true relationship checker?

Yes both tools use different calculations:

  1. Not Related checks each person in the database if they have a relationship path to the selected person or not. It does not care about the kind of relationship. “Not connected persons” might be a better name for it.
  2. Relationship calculator checks if two people are biologically related with each other or not.

Which one you use depends on what you are looking to achieve.

What kind of relationship? Living at the same address, or sharing (identified on) the same photography … Does these kind of cases match?

In-laws of in-laws.

You can click through a view like Relationships or Graph View and go from the person back to the Home Person.

Not Related will find floaters in the database that are not connected to the Home Person’s interconnected tree.

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I just noticed that I had people in the database that did not show a relationship but did not show as unrelated. Probably things like the nephew of a great aunt but on the partner of the aunts’ side, so not a blood relation.

In Preferences on the Display tab (menu >> Edit >> Preferences) you can have the relationship to the home person on the Status Bar. Set yourself as the Home person and any direct relative will be display that relationship. It does not include in-laws.

Yes, you often have to include step-children and the close friend that was called “Aunt Ruth” so that future generations will know Aunt Ruth (I had one) was not related and here is her.information. The same for that step cousin. He was always around and included in family events, but he was not really related to you, and again, here is his information.

Thanks for all the info.

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