Place which doesn't exist during a year

I’ve a special place, a regiment, which have stopped to exist one year before reborn.

Regiment name changes.

This regiment is a place that depends from another, Armée française - French Army.
It have been dissolved while the year 1815 and have been recreated in 1816.

How could I represent this year in which it was dissolved?

If I associates it as part of French Army before 1815 in one association and as part of this same French Army after 1815 in another association, it is staying alone, not depending from another place, but it still exists.

To fully understand…

You are using Places to maintain the names and structure of military units. The above list is maintained in the regiment’s Alternative Names tab. The regiment is Enclosed by the Armée française record.

Other than having more exact dates of when the regiment is dissolved and the exact dated when it was reconstituted, I would recreate the list above in the Alternative Names tab. Within the list one of the records would be

  • Dissolved from 1815-03-01 to 1816-06-01

During the time the regiment was dissolved, no person would have been a member of the regiment so the ‘Dissolved’ name entry would never display in a person’s record.

The problem is that two naming events are occurring at the same time. But even this is no real problem. If you enter the above list as the alternate names

  • 9th dragons from 1791-01-01 to 1811
  • 4th lanciers from 1811 to 1814
  • regiment de Monsieur 1814
  • 4th lanciers 1815
  • dissolved 1815
  • de dragons de le Saone from 1816 to 1825

A person that was in the regiment in 1815 would display as being in the 4th lanciers. The first entry for 1815 would return as true being the first valid entry for 1815.

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Ah yes, indicating dissolved as an alternative name is a good idea.

I’ll try to find more precise dates for overlapping changes but it’s difficult to find them.

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