Namesake & eponym etymology relationship

How do you link the eponymous Person for a namesake?

For the Surnames, we have the Origin attribute. But how would I link the eponym(s) for a Given name that is not a Junior/“The Younger”? Particularly, for the custom of honoring grandparents.

As an example, my brother was born on my paternal grandfather and was (reluctantly) named in his honor. But, in the interest of family harmony, his middle name honors the maternal grandfather. Of course, an Eponimical Origin is complicated since Gramps only has a single field for compound Given names.

The Saint/Spiritual name as a cultural standard is another Eponym Origin conundrum. Particularly because the Saint is typically placed before the customary Call name.

Besides Religious/Saint name cultural custom, other non-genetic namesake etymologies are interesting to note. Such as making a public declaration of faith (or trying to inspire the child to emulate a paragon) by choosing a Biblical, Apostal, Heroic/Historical, Political, or Popular eponym.

There are surges of names related to current event. The name is a passing fad which echoes down the generations as the Given name transforms into honoring genetic ancestors instead of a (no longer revered, forgotten or even reviled) historical figure. As a USA example, the Civil War inspired the 1860s Northern/Unionist fad of Col. Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth namesakes. He was the first conspicuous casualty on the Union side of the War. There were fading echoes of the name in the 1880s, 1900s & 1920s.

In my own family, a paternal great-grandfather was named after an eccentric itinerant evangelist as a public statement of faith. The boy rebelled against his parents religious evangelism and went by his initials in adulthood.

These etymologies are interesting to track. Moreover, the morphology through inheritence is also complex. If I note that a person was a namesake to honor the immigrant ancestor (rather than his grandfather who honoring the same eponym), it would be helpful if documenting that the immigrant ancestor was inherited. So the immigrant’s eponym would somehow be referenced in both descendant’s stories about their name.

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