Multiple dashboard layouts

It seems like there is a good argument for having reusable layouts in the Dashboard.

Initially, Gramps has a few introductory gramplets and I have to restore it for screen shots. But I often want a layout with a set of Statistics gramplets.

Or Date related Gramplets:

And other times, I need a set of Isotammi Gramplets.

Or I might configure a panel of 4 complementary QuickViews.

Changing between these layouts is tedious and fussy.

So if there was a toolbar control (similar to the Custom Type combo control) that selected between named layouts in the Gramplets_dashboardview_gramplets.ini file (or allowed a New Layout Name to be entered… which clones the current layout under that name) then the power of the dashboard would be greatly expanded. A context menu could be added to the indicator to the left which allows a layout to be removed or reset to default for any built-in named layouts.

The context menu might include an explicit Column count control … so the Configure could just be limited to the Gramplet configurations options.

Creators of new Dashboard views (like @cdhorn 's CardView could leverage the control to maintain multiple configurations too… or opt to stay with their own configuration controls.

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