Inconsistent multiple delete dialog boxes

This is a minor annoyance … I often run multiple record deletes for both Events and Notes. However, the dialog box that confirms the delete is not the same between the two. I have screen shots but not sure if I can attach them using the web interface to Discourse.

The dialog box to delete multiple events has a checkbox to “Use this answer for rest of the items”. The dialog box to delete multiple notes has instead a buttons for “Confirm Each Delete” and “Delete All”.

Is this something I need to turn in as a bug report? It’s not really a bug as both dialogs do what I expect. It is an inconsistency in the user interface.

Gramps 5.1.2 on Fedora 32, 64-bit.

Bill Gee


There is a consistency flaw there. But which is the preferred interface?

The second one seems to be both more accident prone & less informative. The Delete All button is perilously close to the Confirm Each button. That more destructive option is also in the dominant position… the spot most likely to be clicked without thinking.

The top dialog requires moving to a distinctly different control (checkbox) to delete without further confirmation.

Another benefit of the top approach is that the option to apply your choice to the remainder appears for every individual delete. So you could manually select on the 1st few… and then decide to delete the remainder at any point in the process. The bottom dialog only offers the multiple delete option once.

Also, the first has a warning icon while the second (which definitively a warning) has an informational icon.

Speaking of icons… what is that extra icon to the right of the Gramps pedigree icon in the titlebar?

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You raise some good points about which dialog is better. I think you have a good point about being able to choose “Delete the rest” at any point in the process. I do not have a strong preference - either dialog works for me and my work habits.

I have not checked other areas to see what dialogs are used. What is shown when deleting multiple places, persons, sources, citations? Whatever they are, they should be consistent across all of the lists. In this case I suspect one of the dialogs slipped through the cracks.

As for the odd icon in the title bar, I think it is an artifact of KDE. Alt-clicking on it produces a menu with Maximize, Minimize, Close and More Actions. The More Actions submenu has options like Move, Resize, Keep Above, Keep Below etc. Primary-clicking on it changes something, but I have not figured out what. I think the intention is to provide options similar to what Alt-Spacebar provides in Windows.


All areas deleting a single record displays the same warning with a question mark icon. The People, Family & Event areas display this with smaller dialog height.

For multiple deletes, the People, Family & Event areas display the warning with the check box and the hazard icon. All other areas show the non-checkbox delete all with a question mark icon.

Personally, I like the check box. The user has to make the positive choice to delete all.

All deletes should have the hazard (or stronger) warning.


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