How to uptade translation?

(Gramps 5.1.4, Ubuntu 20.04)

I have a doubt. It is possible to update the translation of Gramps without reinstalling it?

I want to use the Spanish translation .po file I downloaded from weblate, but can’t find how to replace the current translation.

Any help is appreciated.

There was a Feature Request 0012334: Post-install language selection & dictionary updating: created last June about making this easier and uncoupling Language updates from the Gramps main program update cycle. It has been acknowledged but no one has adopted that project yet.

Unfortunately, I know only a little about changing languages in the PortableApps port of Gramps. So I would also appreciate any information shared here about:

  • managing translation language files, dictionaries, & affix files
  • adding a language without re-installing
  • switching between languages for the GUI & reports
  • hacking the language files locally or via Weblate

It would be difficult to update a translation in a currently installed Gramps. The .po file must be built into a .mo file and that in turn installed into the currently installed version of Gramps. This is normally done in the setup/build process in a Linux install, but for Windows, this is done prior to the release.

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