Fan chart with timescale - version 2

What do you get when you combine a fan chart with a life line ancestor chart?

Something like this:

This is just a proof-of-concept using “hand-crafted” LaTeX which is still a little buggy (don’t look too closely at the axis!).

It expands on an idea I posted a few years ago for a fan chart with time scale (and uses the same color theme, which is based on generation, not gender). The earlier chart showed when each person was born, but not how long they lived.

In this chart, the lines joining the wedges tie parents to their child – something obvious in a traditional fan chart, but needed more explicitly here – and also indicate when their marriage occurred. (I’m missing marriage dates for some of the couples, hence a few missing lines in the chart.)

In the earlier chart, I numbered each wedge, and created a separate reference page with names. In this version, the bars are too small for numbering, but numbers or possibly even names could be printed around the perimeter. I fear it may end up being too messy, if it’s not already.

Interestingly, whereas in a typical fan chart the more recent generations are more prominent (because their wedges are larger), here it’s the earlier generations that are more noticeable.