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I’m from Germany and have been using Gramps for two years. I’m new to this forum and don’t know my way around. I have a request to fix a gramplet.

In the Deep Connections gramplet, connections to direct relatives are ignored if a relationship to the godfather is entered. However, this is not the definitive relationship.
It may be possible to identify the relationship to the godfather in ( ) or as relationship #2. Alternatively, a setting could be implemented in which the user specifies whether the godparent relationship should be taken into account.

Thanks very much.

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Hello Tanja,

First of all, a warm welcome to the forum from The Netherlands.

Can you tell us a little more about this situation? Is the godfather linked to the child as another parent, or as a sort of association? This may help us to study what is going on.

I know a couple of situations where the Deep Connections Gramplet takes weird paths, and it can be really helpful if you can attach a relevant part of your tree to a bug report, or send it by mail. And if you think that’s too scary, you may also provide us with a screenshot, so that we can see the relation as it appears on screen.



This would be a nice feature request to place in the “bug report/feature request” system. The Gramps Project uses MantisBT (“mantis bug tracker”, an open source tool) to power that reporting system. But it is important to recognize that the Deep Connections Gramplet is an add-on in the Addon List page, some contributors provided a direct contact method. Others prefer users submit requests via MantisBT.

But this forum is the right place to start … we can help if you are not confident that you have isolated exactly WHAT to request.

The Deep Connections gramplet considers 3 separate types of connections:

  1. tree branchings between families & extended family
  2. Associations
  3. links in Notes

The degrees of separation are weighted equally… which gives Associations and Note Links and unnatural advantage. They are only 1 degree distance in separation!

In my opinion, this reduces Deep Connection from ‘useful tool’ to a ‘toy’ like the Oracle of Bacon ( a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” calculator). Incidentally, that toy shows a couple ways of graphing connections.

So a useful Feature Request would be 3 selectable Configure options to ignore: Associations, Note Links, non-genetic tree connections.

Note: There are wiki pages about the process of using MantisBT, filing a good Bug Report and (I think) there’s another for Feature Request. Feedback about improving those wiki pages would be welcome.

This topic is related to the “Deep connections vs Associations” topic

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That’s a good point, and I’d love to go a bit further, because I often use the Deep Connections gramplet to see the ancestral path between me and another person. And I do that, because the Relationship QuickView, or whatever that’s called in English, doesn’t show the names of all the people on that path, and the Deep Connections is the quickest way to see that path, or at least that’s what it should be.

And in my tree, I often see that it takes convoluted paths, sometimes passing the same person twice, or via the ancestor of a spouse, even when an ancestral path is available, or via extended family if that path is shorter.

An example is King Charles III. He’s my 14th cousin via the shortest ancestral path, but when I use the Deep Connections gramplet, it goes to the ex wife of his brother Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, who happens to be my 12th cousin.

In short, this means that I like to have a 4th type, which is ancestral.

I abuse an add-on for finding these multiple Ancestral connections.

Hans Boldt’s ( @ukulelehans ) experimental “Consanguinity” gramplet addon shows exactly that information… but only between spouses. Yet it can be fooled into providing the data by creating a disposable “Family” and putting in the 2 persons of interest as spouses. Afterwards, remove the spouses from the family will cause that empty Family container to be deleted.

(Clicking one of the cousin relationships will pop-up a simplistic block diagram of the connection. But each pop-up only diagrams 1 relationship.) The following block diagram illustrates pedigree collapse. But there are also cousin relationship diagrams.


And that reminds me that I still need to look at the code, and see whether I can use some of that to hack the Deep Connections gramplet, simply because it’s like a thousand times faster.

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