Can I help you (translate to Russian)?

Good day.
I use Gramps from 2.0.6, use Linux and translate documentation and software to Russian language.
My nickname “sten” on bug tracker. I not have good practic in git and python. But I want help Gramps project with small fix in text (Russian in first time).

I create my first commit (fix “translaed” word), but receive error 128 (I use Gut Cola - GUI for git):

Отправка в
ERROR: Permission to gramps-project/gramps.git denied to PushKK.
fatal: Не удалось прочитать из внешнего репозитория.
Удостоверьтесь, что у вас есть необходимые права доступа
и репозиторий существует.

I understand - I have not write permission.
Can I receive permission to github (origin/master only)?

@PushKK: You have to open a pull request. You don’t need write permission for that. Pull requests are the changes between your repository and the gramps repository (or between certain branches within them). A developer with write permission will check your pull request and add it to Gramps if everything is okay.

Thank you.
I fork your two projects and create my first Pull request:

I hope - I do all right.
I use “Git Cola”, can I use your “commit.template” for commit description or it’s not needed?

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if you need help with russian i can help you ) my boyfriend is from Russia , so he would translate anything for you .

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Thank you. Russian - my native language.
I have problem with Python language…


Thank you for the work in the wiki & bug reports. And congratulations on your first pull request!

Please think about how the wiki can be made better for new people starting to do translations. What information is missing that made it harder for you to become productive?

There is another person who wants to help with a Portuguese translation. Your feedback could help him get started too.

  1. GRAMPS Wiki is big and not use easy install way.
    As example (for Linux users):
    On main page I see menu “Download” and “Installation”. New user need install only (in Ubuntu user use Software manager or Synaptic, not “apt”). And “First steps” documentation.
    May be “Download” not needed in Wiki?
    And add description about using Software manager.

  2. First time I had problem with information about install.
    As example:
    I want install last version of GRAMPS for Linux in deb format. I must go to
    then to

Oh, I can’t post more 2 links…

and 3 links.
Very long way to goal…

  1. Wiki have info about more one version:
    Maybe - Wiki must have info about current version only?
    Info about old version can be move to “Archive” section of Wiki.

  2. Menu “User manual” - usually are placed on user’s PC and called from software. Time to time users can use GRAMPS without internet. And help must work all time.
    Can you create help as pdf or html help and install it as additional package?
    LibreOffice use this way for help files.

Yes, the wiki has a long way to go. And the items you listed are accurate. It is a big, ugly task that several people are working upon.

But I am asking about something different. The sections on ‘how to start translating the Gramps GUI’ and ‘start translating wiki pages’ need improvement too.

Obviously, the ‘translating Gramps GUI’ instruction needs to be more clear about ‘pulls’ on Git. But, as you go through your first pull for a correcting a single mistranslation, please note other steps that we have overlooked.

It would be nice to make the documentation clearer for the next beginner who wants to improve a translation.

(We have thousands of Users who can help improve the sections on using Gramps. But only a few dozen people ever start translating. So their feedback is really important. There aren’t enough active translators… so it must be too difficult to get started.)

hi , i am newbie
right now i dont have questions , thank you
if I have questions, I will post them here

About old versions on Wiki… we are exploring ways to hide the pages for old versions of Gramps from search engines. (Archiving would break the ‘Help’ links on old versions of Gramps.) Hiding the all the alternate language translations is a different problem. (There are more than 30 of the “What’s new” pages right now!)

There hasn’t been a downloadable manual since the 3.3 version. It would be nice having an update. The old method for making a PDF doesn’t support all the internal hyperlinks between pages. There’s been some exploration of other methods for building a standalone PDF. But no success yet.

Good day. I remember this issue
I think - problem in logic about family people relation.
I try compare “pt” with “ru”. Difference functions,“ru” is nice, “pt” is hard.
I create test family and print report in pt-PT.
User must change this report.
May be I can found logic error for PT relation…

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I think “The sections on ‘how to start translating the Gramps GUI’ and ‘start translating wiki pages’” not need.
GRAMPS have good Russian language today (small errors - it’s small errors). Other language translated too (except “mk”).
New user must have info about Wiki (common info, manual) and bug tracker only.

  • Not translate GUI? Common to our tracker!
  • Not work function? Common to our tracker!
  • Need new feature? Common to our tracker!

Maybe user can create new issue on tracker as Anonim (without account).
New user usually not create account on web site (it’s very hard and many questions…) but can write text about problem “fast and easy”.

P,S. On first page Wiki: "Help us? Do it fast and easy - say me:

  • what you need
  • what you want
    without registration and SMS.
    GRAMPS bug tracker
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