Button locations

Can the export buttons be set consistently?

The Next button starts 2 from right, then 3 in when you click next. I’m forever clicking next then back as they change positions.

Only seems to happen on Microsoft windows, what OS and version of Gramps are you using?

Related issue:

Unfortunately, that is controlled by the GtkAssistant routine that is used to make the Export Assistant. There are multiple enhancement requests (such as 9948 and 12206) with different alternatives suggested about those specific buttons.

As of now, none of the suggestions have been viable. (Gramps also uses GtkAssistant for the Error Reporting Assistant. So we should not risk making it fragile with patchwork workarounds.)

Windows and latest.

I assume that is shared code between different sections? It would be easier to either split those or add an identifier to the form so it picks up the correct button order if passed and carries on as normal otherwise.

Switching buttons means I keep going back a step!

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