Backup from gpkg - places missing

Hello, I have made a backup of all my family trees in november 2019. I have made both .gpkg and .ged backup files. Now I have installed Gramps and imported these files. Everything works fine except that the PLACES have not been imported. In each family tree there is certain amount of P0001, P 0002, etc. and places called “Unkonown”. When I open the .ged backup file in text editor, the places are there. Any Idea how to fix it?
(Gramps AIO64 4.2.0, Windows 7)

If you are going to restore from a backup, you ought to install the current 5.1.3.-2 version of Gramps. That 4.2.0 version is nearly 6 years old and you may be trying to restore a Place Hierarchy implementation to a version that does not support that particular style.

The latest version can even be made to work with WinXP by installing older Python and GTK libraries. So Win7 should be OK.