Adding places from KML files

I would like to learn how to create KML files that are acceptable to Gramps on the Geography view, when I right-click on the map and select “Add place from KML”. I have tried creating polygons in Google Maps and Google Earth, and saving them as KML files, but nothing happens when I add them. The example in the wiki looks like it has a shaded polygon. Does anyone have any samples that work? Thanks.

Wow, that does look like a nice feature. Maybe we can get the 3 KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files mentioned for the illustration in the wiki. We could link them as examples there.

I wonder if the KML file had to be added to the Media (is that the same as Gallery?) tab at the Person, Event or Place object level to be properly layered into that Geography view?

  • The farm for the birth of this person.
  • The path used to go to school (school event).
  • The limits of the parish or municipality (baptism event).

I haven’t done anything with KML since doing some ‘station boundaries’ overlays for the local Fire Department Union. It was quick & easy to learn.

  • The farm for the person
    The kml file is added to the Birth event gallery
  • The path used to go to school
    The kml file is added to one Education event gallery
  • The limits of the parish …
    I added the kml file for the place in the place gallery.

If you have some problems, you can file a bug and provide your kml file.
I don’t use all kml possibilities…


Is this wiki section revision accurate then? (I made up a viable reason to apply the KML outline to an Event rather than a Place. The reasoning implies extended use of the feature to reflect property boundary changes over a lifetime.)

If KML files are added as Media objects in the Gallery tab for the various records, this Geography view will show one path or one surface for each KML file.

In the following example, you see 3 layered KML files rendered from different Gallery tabs referenced by this Person:

  • a farm limits outline KML in the Birth Event.
  • a path KML used to go to school in the Education Event.
  • a parish (or municipality) limits outline KML in the Place Gallery tab for the Baptism Event.

In the case of the Farm limits outline, the KML was added to the Gallery tab of the Birth Event (rather than being applied to that of the re-useable ‘Farm’ type Place) because acreage was bought and sold over the years. This outline represented the Farm size at the date of birth.

Thanks Serge, I got it to work, it was my mistake. I had connected it to an event, but I had not connected the event to a person.

You can do what you want.

The kml files was added in gramps 4.2.0
This was just to have the possibility to show places, areas or paths. I never thought we could have places history. I think the best way to do that would be to have multiple places.

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Since a media object can have a date, why not allow multiple kml files to record boundary changes over time?

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Why not, the problem will be now: how we can show the evolution on the map?

It certainly opens up possibilities of a nice animation. :slight_smile:


You could use a timeline slider, like the one they use in Palladio
Links for examples:

As im not a developer, I dont know how much work something like that would be, but I know there are python libraries for it and it can be done in Dash and Plotly, but again, I only mention them as examples, since I do not know if any of the licensing are compatible with Gramps Licensing…

Only thing I know is it would be a great feature :slight_smile:

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