About the Gramps Plugin registration file

Aftering experimenting with the Gramplet flavored .gpr.py file and looking through the Gramplets authoring wiki article and API docs, some questions remain.

From the wiki:

If the help_url starts with http:// then that fully qualified URL will be used as is. Otherwise, the paths will be interpreted as relative to http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title= base URL. The base URL will be prepended to the help_url and may get a language extension (such as /nl ) appended at the end, if the operating language is one of nl fr sq mk de fi ru sk. You should not use the _( ) translate function around the help_url string, unless you specifically intend to create web pages named with the translated string.

Is there a way to point the help to a .md markdown document in the Gramplet’s current User Directory subfolder?

If so, could my Gramplet updates freshen user docs through the Plugin Manager in the same way as the plug-in code?

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